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Add to Calendar

The Add to calendar action button allows users to set a reminder for future events to their calendar. This action is available on mobile only.


Adding the events in the feed is required. For a full description, please visit here.

Ensure that the Add to Calendar Action plugin is added to the version.

Add the assets you want to use and build the app. You can define two different flavors and pick which one you want to use in the cell or the modal bottom sheet.


Please note that on iOS with OS 16 or lower users will need to grant permission to the app to access the calendar. The text in this dialog box can be altered or localized in the plugin.

Adding the action button to the cell

In the Studio, add the Add to Calendar Action to the cell. You can add it as a single action or in the actions menu modal. To do so, enable the action button and fill the identifier.

For a single action, fill the identifier: add_to_calendar_action

For actions menu, fill the identifier: open-modal-bottom-sheet-cell-action. Read more about Actions Menu here.