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The Favorites let’s you bookmark a video or item that you liked in order to be able to either watch it later or keep a little collection of items you like.

iOS and Android

Add the Local Storage Favorite Action plugin.

Modify the favorites assets you want to use and build. You can use two flavors in case you use downloads in light background on cells or a dark background on images.

Modify the favorites text in the Localization modal

Adding the favorites action to the cell

In the Studio, add the favorites action to the cell. You can add it as a single action or in the actions menu modal. To do so, enable the action button and fill the identifier.

For a single action, fill the identifier: local_storage_favourites_action For actions menu, fill the identifier: open-modal-bottom-sheet-cell-action

Read more on Actions Menu

Promote your Favorites

You can create a screen with a component to promote the Favorites items. To do so, create a feed using the URL: pipesv2://local_storage_favourites_action. Then create a component with this data source. Add the empty State Alert with call-for-action message to add favorites.


This feature is supported on mobile devices only. For TV’s use Cross-device Favorites.