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Applicaster is a global SaaS company that puts client digital teams in the driver’s seat for OTT app development and management. Its Zapp app management platform shrinks the time it takes to launch rich media apps on mobile and TV platforms without sacrificing UI or tech stack requirements. Zapp is built to help your team easily make changes over time as your needs and the market change.

Zapp enables users to configure and build media apps with remote configuration (assets, styles, fonts and localized strings), layout (dynamically composed in Zapp App Builder), and client-side plugins.

This portal will guide you in the process of creating new features and partner integrations that can be built on top of the Zapp platform to further expand the functionality of your mobile and connected tv apps.

You/your team will build and manage apps via the web interface to Zapp,

  • Build Ops
  • Studio
  • Marketplace

This guide lays out the basic principles of building mobile apps with Applicaster tools and helps make sure you have the right elements and approach in place before beginning the actual process of app building.