Welcome to Applicaster Developer's Center

Applicaster is one of the world’s leading cloud platforms for app developers in the media space, offering fast time-to-market and a rich array of features on a variety of platforms. Using Applicaster’s SaaS cloud platform, broadcasters and content owners can develop and launch apps for an OTT service, or integrate selected modules and functionalities such as engagement and interactivity into third-party apps.

Our app management and development platform is called Zapp.

Zapp enables users to configure and build media apps with remote configuration (assets, styles, fonts and localized strings), layout (dynamically composed in Zapp App Builder), and client-side plugins.

This portal will guide you in the process of creating new products that can integrate into the Zapp platform to further expand your mobile and connected tv apps.

Most of the capabilities are added through plugins. Each one of those plugins is a bundle of code on one or more platforms that expands the capabilities of your apps.

You can find guides here to further expand your products and to build, maintain, debug, and integrate capabilities into existing and new apps.

Zapp Plugins

Zapp Plugins provide the main way to expand the capabilities of an app by integrating new features into an existing or new app. Zapp Plugins enables adding native / react native features and integrations.

In order to learn more about what is a Zapp Plugin and how to develop one, please start from Getting Started with Zapp Plugins.

Contact us & Help-desk

For any question or request, you are welcome to contact us by opening a ticket or by email.

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