Get ready for Zapp Android SDK 11.2.0 Stable

This article will go through recent changes in Zapp Android SDK 11.2.0 and up. For the full SDK 11.2.0 changelog go here.

Main Changes

  • Upgrade Gradle Wrapper to 4.6 - for more information check the official gradle release notes.

  • Upgrade Kotlin version to 1.2.51 - for more information check jetbrains notes.

  • Upgrade Ruby version to 2.5.1 on the app builder - it's best to update your ruby version via rbenv. Check out the "How To Install Ruby on Rails with rbenv on macOS" guide by Timothy Nolan.

More important information

  • Minimum Android OS supported: 4.4.x
  • React Native version: 0.59.10

Modules dependencies

Please use these modules dependencies to support Zapp Android SDK 11.2.0 in plugin development:

  • applicaster-android-sdk - 4.2.0
  • zappRoot-android - 5.1.2

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