Testing UI Builder Locally

Local changes can only be tested on the iOS Simulator, included with Xcode.


In order to test changes to UI builder:

  1. Install a local server program, such as ws
  2. Run ws from the command terminal.
  3. In the root folder from which you are running ws, create a folder called ui_builder.
  4. Download the latest version of the UI builder's AppDefine.json file into that folder.
  5. Download your app's rivers.json file:

    1. In Zapp, find your app and open its Info screen, as shown below. App info

    2. Press the Reveal Build Parameters button in the top-right.

    3. Find the "rivers" JSON URL at the bottom, which represents the layouts defined in UI builder. Rivers JSON URL Download the JSON and save it to your ui_bulider folder (created in step 3).
  6. Your ui_builder folder should now look like this: ui_builder folder

Running in app

In order to test your changes in the app:

  1. Open the Settings app and find your app in the bottom section. App-Settings

  2. In the app settings, change the APPLICASTER COMPONENTS SERVER to Local. Server-Type

  3. Restart the application.

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