This document explains the general structure of the workflow that Zapp-iOS is using during the initialization process. It aims to help understand how the Root container view controller cooperates with navigation bar plugins and root menu plugins.

Zapp-iOS Root Navigation Flow

  1. ZAZappAppManager when called On didFinishLaunchingWithOptions GARooHelper create an instance of GARootViewContainerController with root state, about states read below.
  2. Application will try to retrieve root adapter instance of ZPAdapterRootProtocol from the plugins manifest.
  3. GASideMenuViewController will be created in case no root plugin defined.
  4. GARootViewContainerController (read below) instance will be created with defined root adapter. In case application is ui_builder, root must use data source of the root from the rivers.json otherwise Applicaster 2 collection with ui_tag: side_menu_collection.
  5. GANavigationBarManager will create navigation bar instance of NavigationBarBaseAdapter (Plugin adapter instance). In case application is using the ui_builder, Navigation Bar must use data source of the root from rivers.json API. Otherwise it will expect Applicaster 2 Collection with ui_tag: navbar_collection.
  6. RootContainer ready for use.
  7. In end of initialization of the Application instance of GARootViewContainerController will be added to App


Zapp-iOS is using main component View Controller GARootViewContainerController. This Component is used to present Navigation Bar plugin, Root plugin and Status bar background container.

Structure example below:


Note: When UI Builder Navigation Bar on Zapp app version general settings enabled, Navigation bar will take status bar container space and status bar container will be removed. In this case there is no need to configure the status bar separately. If Use UI Builder Navigation Bar is disabled, status bar container will be shown, status bar container and navigation bar should be configured separately in the Zapp app version general settings. EnableCustomRootBehaviour.png


Availible states:
Root State:

Creation of this state define by specific initializer


rootPluginAdapter - instance of the root adapter plugin

Creation of this state in the method application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: inside ZAZappAppManager when application finishing loading process. This state is used to present Root adapter and Navigation Bar plugins inside application


  1. Since GARootViewContainerController is first item for the application, if you need present any View Controller. Please add VC that you need to add on top of GARootViewContainerController not Root adapter plugin.
  2. This component controls the background color of the status bar. Do not implement the status bar background on the side of the root adapter. This behavior should be implemented in the app connector delegate.
Presentation State:

Creation of this state define by specific initializer


innerNavController - instance of the ZPNavigationController controller with generic screen as root

This state is used to present screens from navigation bar, when user push one of the navigation buttons. Note: Each instance of Presentation View Controller will hold an instance of navigation bar


Protocol of root view container that helps to define presentation logic of the navigation bar plugin.

Navigation bar plugin invokes this method to present navigation bar view.

@objc func placeNavBarToContainer(navigationBar: UIView,
                                  placementType: ZPNavBarPlacement)

Note: If Root plugin implements ZPRootViewContainerControllerDelegate, GARootViewContainerController will delegate the presentation of Navigation Bar view to Root plugin, otherwise, container view controller will do it.

  1. On Top - Navigation Bar container placed on top of root container.
  2. Overlay - Navigation Bar container placed overlay of the root container. Root container take full availible space.
  3. Hidden - Navigation Bar container is hidden. Root container take full availible space.

Example: NavigationBarStates.png

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