Zapp React Native Starter project

The zapp react native starter project is a template project meant to streamline the development of React Native plugins for the Zapp platform.

This project can be used both for local development and as a template for a brand new plugin. The code for the project can be found here and is a github template in order to simplify generating a new project.


The template repository contains the following:

  • React native app based on RN 0.59 with 1 screen containing a headline and a printout of the initial props
  • Sample plugin manifest

Running the ReactNative bundle

In order to run this project simply:

  • run either npm i or yarn to install all the necessery dependancies.
  • run react-native start to start the React Native web server.

Building deployable files

The starter project contains a basic build script to generate deployable React Native bundles by running either npm run-script build or yarn build.

The following structure is used to generate the bundles:


This can be used in a CI script in order to generate bundles and then deploy them to S3 for example.

Note: For single bundle instructions - an NPM package should be used. For more info on Single bundle - click here.


In order to simplify testing we have created a Zapp app that contains a React Native screen plugin to be used during development with a local running React server. By following these steps, a developer could run his local version of the plugin within a fully featured Zapp App enviornment.


Testing on device (Preffered methodology)

  1. If you have access to Zapp - please use the following app family and download the latest iOS build or alternatively download the version from hockey app
  2. After the app is installed on the device - launch it and then kill it from background.
  3. Go to device settings app -> Zapp React Native Starter App
  4. Under React Native Bundle -> Turn off Allow Caching
  5. On device -> Change server type to Custom and in Custom field change the IP to your computer's IP running the RN project.
  6. Run the app
  7. Click on the side menu on the top left (White button - might be hard to see)
  8. Select RN Starter
  9. Shake the phone to pop up the debug menu and select enable remote debugging

Testing on simulator (Advanced)

This option will run the Zapp project inside Xcode and is mainly meant to enable debugging both the React Native and Native integrations. For more about downloading dev projects please click here

  1. Download the latest dev project for zip iOS from:
  2. Open the workspace file from the unzipped directory
  3. Choose the simulator as the target. Run the app and stop it once it launched.
  4. Go to device settings app -> Zapp React Native Starter App
  5. Under React Native Bundle -> Turn off Allow Caching
  6. Change React Native server type to Local
  7. Run the app
  8. Click on the side menu on the top left (White button - might be hard to see)
  9. Select RN Starter
  10. Click Cmd + d on the simulator to pop up the debug menu

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