tvOS Video Player Dependent Plugins


This Document will explain how create Video Player Dependent Plugin

Supported devices and OS versions:

Apple TV 4th Generation or later using tvOS 11.0 or higher Available from ZappSDK 10.1.1 and above

Required Applicaster Frameworks:

Add the following import:import ZappPlugins

How to crete a new video player plugin?

Please review the following Example Project to see a fully implemented video player plugin example.

  1. Create new repo and project in Xcode
  2. Make sure that you are using Cocoapods 1.7.5.
  3. Use the following template as a base of the Podfile and add any additional required dependancies.
    platform :tvos, '10.0'

    source ''
    source ''
    source ''

    target MyPlayerDependentPlugin' do
      pod 'ZappPlugins'

      target 'MyPlayerDependentPluginTests' do
          inherit! :search_paths
  1. Run pod install in terminal to retrieve all cocoapods dependencies and create a workspace.
  2. Open the generated Xcode workspace and create the new plugin class.
  3. Create an adapter file. This file will be used as the entry point of your plugin.
  4. The adapter should inherit and implement the following protocols - QBPlayerObserverProtocol and ZPPlayerDependentPluginProtocol.
  5. Add implementation for the specific plugin functionality
  6. Add unit tests

Plugin preperation.

  1. Create a podspec file for your plugin and fill it.
Example: do |s| = "GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS"
    s.version = "1.0.3"
    s.platform = :tvos
    s.swift_versions = ['5.0']
    s.tvos.deployment_target = "10.0"
    s.summary = "GoogleInteractiveMediaAds"
    s.description = "Zapp Plugins store Protocol and Managers that relevant for Applicaster Zapp Plugin System"
    s.homepage = ""
    s.license = 'Appache 2.0' = "Applicaster LTD."
    s.source = {
         :git => '',
         :tag => s.version.to_s

    s.vendored_frameworks = 'tvOS/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS/GoogleInteractiveAds/GoogleInteractiveMediaAds.framework'
    s.preserve_paths = 'tvOS/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS/GoogleInteractiveAds/GoogleInteractiveMediaAds.framework'

    s.source_files  = 'tvOS/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS/**/*.swift'
    s.dependency 'ZappPlugins'

    s.xcconfig = { 'ENABLE_BITCODE' => 'YES',
                            'OTHER_LDFLAGS' => '$(inherited)  -framework "GoogleInteractiveMediaAds"',
                            'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) "${PODS_ROOT}"/**',
                            'LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS' => '$(inherited) "${PODS_ROOT}"/**',
                            'ENABLE_TESTABILITY' => 'YES',
                            'OTHER_CFLAGS'  => '-fembed-bitcode',
                            'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '/Applications/',
                            'SWIFT_VERSION' => '5.0',


Create manifest and upload to Zapp

Please go to the Zappifest Documentation and Zappifest API Documentation for more details.

  1. Install Zappifest
  2. Create manifest with Zappifest Using Tips. Note: in field class_name make sure that you will add proper class name. If you are using swift do not forget to add module name before class name. Example: ZappAnalyticsPluginGAtvOS.GoogleAnalyticsPluginAdapter
  3. Upload manifest to Zapp using Zappifest
Manifest Example:
    "api": {
        "require_startup_execution": false,
        "class_name": "GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsAdapter",
        "modules": [
    "dependency_name": "@applicaster/quick-brick-google-ima-client-tv",
    "dependency_version": "1.0.2",
    "platform": "tvos",
    "author_name": "Anton Kononenko",
    "author_email": "",
    "manifest_version": "1.0.2",
    "name": "GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTV",
    "description": "This plugin allow to add Google Interactive Media Ads to supported players",
    "type": "video_advertisement",
    "identifier": "GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTv",
    "ui_builder_support": true,
    "whitelisted_account_ids": [
    "extra_dependencies": [
            "GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS": ":path => './quick_brick/node_modules/@applicaster/quick-brick-google-ima-client-tv/GoogleInteractiveMediaAdsTvOS.podspec'"
    "min_zapp_sdk": "10.1.0-Dev",
    "deprecated_since_zapp_sdk": "",
    "unsupported_since_zapp_sdk": "",
    "react_native": true,
    "custom_configuration_fields": [
            "type": "text",
            "key": "tag_vmap_url",
            "tooltip_text": "VMAP URL",
            "default": ""
            "type": "text",
            "key": "tag_preroll_url",
            "tooltip_text": "Preroll URL",
            "default": ""
            "type": "text",
            "key": "tag_postroll_url",
            "tooltip_text": "Postroll URL",
            "default": ""
            "type": "text",
            "key": "tag_midroll_url",
            "tooltip_text": "Midroll URL",
            "default": ""
            "type": "text",
            "key": "midroll_offset",
            "tooltip_text": "Midroll offset",
            "default": ""
    "targets": [

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