Screen Plugins with UI Components

There are two core / built-in plugins that can hold UI Components:

  • general_content
  • favorites


Main building block in the Ui Builder - a container that holds Ui Components


A container that contains the list of the favorites item selected by the user. In addition to that list, it can hold Ui Components exactly like general_content.

How to create a Custom Screen Plugin with UI Components

Add those properties in the plugin manifest:

  "screen": true,
  "type": "general",
  "ui_builder_support": true,
  "characteristics": {
    "can_have_components": true,

Full Example

A simple screen plugin with configurable backgroud color

Full Manifest Appearance in UI Builder
"identifier": "my_custom_screen", // Required
"screen": true,                   // Required
"type": "general",                // Required
"ui_builder_support": true,       // Required
"characteristics": {
  "can_have_components": true     // Required
"ui_frameworks": ["quickbrick"],  // Required
"general": {
  "fields": [
      "key": "identifier",        // Recommended
      "type": "text_input",       // Recommended
      "disableField": true        // Recommended
...                               // Other required fields ommited for clarity


  • It is HIGHLY recommended to add a field with the key "identifier" in the general section - this will show the id of the screen so it can be reffered in other places like connected screens etc.
  • Available sections to be modified freely: styles, data, advertising, general, rules, hooks, localizations
  • In this example there are three visible fields in various sections:
    • Read-only screen identifier
    • Backgound color selector
    • Preload plugin selector

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