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This package contains utility functions that are shared across the other packages Utilities needs to be imported by their direct path like this

import { capitalize, toPascalCase } from "@applicaster/zapp-react-native/stringUtils";


  • capitalize: (input: string) => string: sets the first letter of the input string as uppercase
  • toPascalCase: (input: string) => string: transforms a snake_case input string to PascalCase


All following functions are curried and can be either called by f(a, b) or f(a)(b). They work like all curried Ramda functions

  • filterObj: (predicate: any => boolean) => (object: any) => object: any uses the predicate function to filter an object values.
  • mapKeys: (mapper: string => string) => (object: any) => (object: any) maps over an object's keys and applies the mapper function to these keys. Curried function


  • fixColorHexCode: string => string: transforms a AARRGGBB hex code into a RRGGBBAA hex code - this is required because React Native uses RRGGBBAA colors, but Zapp Api provides AARRGGBB


  • findPluginByType: (type: string, plugins: {[string]: Plugin}) => Plugin: find a plugin for a given type, in the provided map of available plugins. Returns the callable plugin module.
  • getNavigationPlugin: (type: string, plugins: {[string]: Plugin}, defaultComponents: ?{[string]: Plugin}: resolves the navigation plugin to use for a given type, from a provided map of available plugins. If provided, will fallback to one of the defaultComponent.


  • getNavigationType: (category: "nav_bar" | "menu", navigations: [Navigations]) => string: retrieves the type of navigation for a given category (either nav_bar or menu), from the navigation data in the rivers.json
  • getPathAttributes: (pathname: string) => [{ screenType: string, screenId: string }]: transforms a given route into a map of attributes for that specific route. /foo/bar/baz/qux becomes :
    { screenType: "foo", screenId: "bar"},
    { screenType: "baz", screenId: "qux"}
  • getItemType: (item: any) => string: gets the type of a given item in a feed.
  • getItemTargetId: (item: any) => string: gets the target screen id for a given item in a feed.

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