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Command line tool to manage the development flow of QuickBrick. When using this tool inside the Zapp-React-Native repo, run yarn zapplicaster <command> [...options] When using this tool in another location, you can invoke it with npx npx @applicaster/zapplicaster-cli <command> [...options]



Prepares a QuickBrick workspace to work with a specific zapp app version's configuration

Available options:

  • -a | -app-version-id: Zapp app version id to use to set up your workspace
  • -d | --destination-path: (optional) path to output the generated project. If ommited, will create the workspace inside a quick_brick folder
  • -y | --yarn: (optional) will use yarn instead of npm to install dependencies


$ npx @applicaster/zapplicaster-cli prepare -a adf4b648-b55f-4464-8b26-dfcd04a40927 -d . --yarn

will create a project in the current folder for app version adf4b648-b55f-4464-8b26-dfcd04a40927, and using yarn to install dependencies

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