Using One Code Base for Multiple Plugins

A developer can use one codebase for handling different plugin types.

The main difference between plugin types and plugin abilities is the fact a single plugin can implement multiple abilities but can be of one type.

The key idea for managing such a scenario is "separation of concerns". Each plugin type should be implemented on a different class.

To achieve this please follow these steps:

  1. Create a separate manifest for each plugin type.
  2. publish the manifests to Zapp while making sure the dependency versions match between the manifests.

The differences between these manifests would be:

  • Plugin type.
  • Plugin ID.
  • Name and description.
  • Class name used as an entry point.
  • Custom parameters.


  • There might be more differences, but these represent the minimal differences that would exist to offer this functionality.
  • It would be beneficial to use a similar / identical versioning scheme between the plugins and mention the relationship in the plugins description.

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