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Single Bundle is a plugin that makes the implementation of multiple React Native components stable, it increases performance and it is more efficient and easy to handle in a native app. This plugin gives the ability to change the versions of React Native and React. It also aggregates all the React Native plugins into a single bundle and it uploads it to S3. Plugins become modules under the names specified as plugin identifiers from the plugin configuration.


Add "Single Bundle Plugin" to the Project Configuration

Add "single bundle plugin" and from the available list of versions of react-native, react and react-native-zapp-bridge (The Applicaster standard bridge for communicating between React Native and the Applicaster SDK) please select the combination which is supported by your plugins.

The following JSON extract from the Single Bundle plugin manifest describes its configuration parameters.

        "tooltip_text":"React Native Version",
        "tooltip_text":"React Version",
        "tooltip_text":"React Native Zapp Bridge",

Single Bundle Configuration

Save the plugin configuration and rebuild. The selected values will be set for all React Native plugins in the project.

Please note that rebuilding is necessary every time when you change versions or add/remove React Native plugins.

Make Sure that the Plugins Support the Selected Versions

Your React Native plugins have to be built and published to npm for the selected versions of react and react-native.

Migrate your Plugins

In order to make the Single Bundle aggregator work please make sure that all your React Native plugins have been migrated and published to npm by following the instructions from the Migration Guide.


In the Zapp-Android folder execute the command: bundle exec rake single_bundle_aggregator:build.

The Rake task will create a folder single-bundle-aggregator. This is your local server for Single Bundle.

If you wish to debug a package inside your single-bundle please place the package folder inside single-bundle-aggregator/packages. Please edit single-bundle-aggregator/index.js adding information about local packages.

Your local Single Bundle is ready to run.


Zapp Team can add new versions when territories have tried a specific version in development and they confirm that it is working.

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