Screen Selector

type sections value type screenshot
screen_selector assets, data, general, styles, rules string img


Creates a select input which presents the available screens in the layout. The stored value is the unique external_id of the selected screen. Initial value is undefined.



"assets|data|general|styles|rules|": {
  "fields: [
      "key": "my_field_key",             // Required
      "type": "screen_selector",         // Required
      "label": "Screen Selector",        // Recommended
      "placeholder": "Choose A Screen",  // Recommended
      "label_tooltip": "..."             // Recommended


  • Do not provide any initial_value attribute. Options will be filled automatically by the UI Builder.
  • When selecting a screen and removing it, the value becomes null.
  • Take care when deleting screens - some screen_selector in a plugin can still "point" to a no-longer-valid external_id of an non-existing screen.

User stories

Given the plugin configuration of the example above

  • When there are three screens in the layout
    • The Screen selector will be visible
    • It will present three screens to choose from
    • The field value is the external_id value of the selected screen
  • When the user removes a selected key from the selector
    • The field value is null

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