Preload Plugins Selector

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Used in Screen Plugins only.

Creates a select input that allows assignement of Preload Plugins / Screen Hooks in a screen plugin. Initial value is an empty array [].


"identifier": "my_screen_plugin",
"type": "general",                         // Required
"screen": true,                            // Required
"hooks": {                                 // Required
  "fields: [
      "key": "preload_plugins",            // Required (! see notes !)
      "type": "preload_plugins_selector",  // Required
      "label": "Select Preload Plugins",   // Recommended
      "label_tooltip": "...",              // Recommended


  • The plugin using this field must be a Screen Plugin with the following attributes in the manifest:
    • A general type.
    • A "screen": true attribute.
  • This field can appear only under "hooks" section.
  • Options will be populated with any core / installed plugin that has a "preload": true attribute. See manifest example.
  • ⚠️ Caution: Unlike other general / public fields, the key attribute must have the value preload_plugins. Please conform to the precise structure shown in the example, it won't work otherwise. ⚠️
  • Do not provide any initial_value attribute.

User stories

Given the plugin configuration of the example above

  • When there are three preload plugins installed (plugins with attribute "preload": true):
    • The Preload Plugins selector will be visible
    • It will present three options to choose from
    • Selected plugin will be shown before on the matching screen in the app
  • When there are no plugins marked as a "preload"
    • The Preload Plugins Selector will be empty
  • When the key value is anything other than preload_plugins
    • The Preload Plugins Selector will be shown
    • But the screen in the app will show without any preload plugin

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