Nav Bar Selector

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nav_bar_selector assets, data, general, styles, rules string img


Used in Screen Plugins only.

Creates a select input that allows overriding the default navigation bar in screen plugins. Initial value is the nav_bar_id of the default navigation bar.


"identifier": "my_screen_plugin",
"type": "general",                      // Required
"screen": true,                         // Required
"assets|data|general|styles|rules|": {
  "fields: [
      "key": "nav_bar_id",              // Required (! see notes !)
      "type": "nav_bar_selector",       // Required
      "label": "Alternate Nav Bar",     // Recommended
      "label_tooltip": "...",           // Recommended


  • The plugin using this field must be a Screen Plugin with the following attributes in the manifest:
    • A general type.
    • A "screen": true attribute.
  • In order for the nav bar selector to appear, there should be more than one navigation of type nav_bar in the layout.
  • ⚠️ Caution: Unlike other general / public fields, the key attribute must have the value nav_bar_id. Please conform to the precise structure shown in the example, it won't work otherwise. ⚠️
  • Do not provide any initial_value attribute.

User stories

Given the plugin configuration of the example above

  • When there are three navigation bars in the layout (navigation plugins of type nav_bar)
    • The Nav Bar selector will be visible
    • It will present three options to choose from
    • Selected nav bar will be shown on the matching screen in the app
  • When there is only a single navigation bar in the layout
    • The Nav Bar selector won't be shown
  • When the plugin is not marked as a screen ("screen": true missing)
    • The Nav Bar selector won't be shown
  • When the key value is anything other than nav_bar_id
    • The Nav Bar selector will be shown
    • But the screen in the app will still show the default nav bar

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