File Uploader

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Creates an input of type file which allows uploading file(s) to Applicaster's CDN, under the matching app family. Initial value is undefined.


"assets|data|general|styles|rules|": {
  "fields: [
      "key": "my_field_key",                                      // Required
      "type": "uploader",                                         // Required
      "initial_value": "",  // Optional
      "label": "My Field",                                        // Recommended
      "placeholder": "upload a file",                             // Recommended
      "label_tooltip": "...",                                     // Recommended


  • Clicking on the uploaded file name will open the file in another browser tab.
  • When clicking on the remove (×) button, the value of the field will be an empty string "".
  • When providing an initial value, it has to be a valid, full web URL.
  • This input has only limited checks and validations, please take care to upload the correct files / file formats.
  • Care should be taken in the client side to provide protection / fallback for:
    • A missing value - undefined.
    • An empty string (uploaded file that was removed).
    • Malformed initial URL.

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