Color Picker RGBA

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color_picker_rgba assets, data, general, styles, rules, custom_configuration_fields string img


Creates a color picker. The stored value of the color is a string in rgba(R,G,B,A) format (string), matching the RGBA Colors notation. Initial value is undefined.


"assets|data|general|styles|rules|": {
  "fields: [
      "key": "my_rgba_color_picker",             // Required
      "type": "color_picker_rgba",               // Required
      "initial_value": "rgba(255, 128, 0, 0.7),  // Optional
      "label": "My RGBA Picker",                 // Recommended


  • This is the prefered color picker to use, especially when dealing with React Native / javascript reliant plugins.
  • The stored value of the selected color is kept in rgba(R,G,B,A) format. For notation in #AARRGGBB format (not recommened), please use the Color Picker.
  • Optional initial_value format can be either:
    • rgba(R,G,B,A) (recommended).
    • #RRGGBBAA (not recommended).

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