Partner Resources - Overview

Applicaster provides an array of resources for the development of partner plugins. The partner portal is one such as resource, as well as the developer service desk which developers can use to submit tickets to our Dev Relations team for technical support with building and maintaining plugins.

This page is aimed at Product and Project Managers of partner public plugins. A "public" plugin is available to all Applicaster customers and, as such, is held to different standards than custom proprietary plugins so that new customers can implement the plugins with ease.

To achieve this goal, Applicaster provides robust support and guidance for partners developing such plugins, with the following steps involved.

  1. Preparing to build a partner plugin
  2. Conduct development kickoff call and red-teaming with Zapp Marketplace (as described in previous document)
  3. Building your plugin - as advised via the kickoff and redteaming session
  4. Rolling out your plugin
  5. Maintaining & updating your plugin - documentation pending

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