Login Plugins

Login plugins are used in order to integrate the following capabilities:

  • User registration: offer app user to register for an account
  • User authentication: authenticate existing users with the backend
  • User authorization: after authenticating, make sure the user has a valid entitlement for an action
  • Offering various payment models: usually through in app purchases like subscriptions and one time purchases
  • Expose user profile within the app for various uses such as analytics and personalization

The base functionality contains the 2 following actions:

  • Upon encountering a locked item, check user compliance to a policy.
  • Login with or without a certain context (Usually login is offered as a part of a flow such as playback or transitioning to a content screen. This function would cover offering a login button in the app)

Any login plugin can implement part or all of the mentioned functionalities and affect the app in multiple entry points such as:

  • Application startup
  • Check authentication or authorization between screens
  • Check authentication or authorization before video playback

The following guides are here to go through the integration for each platform:

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