Plugin abilities

All plugins can implement multiple protocols that will give them different entry points to be called by the Zapp SDK.

Here are a couple of the abilities that can be added to each plugin:


Screen protocols enable plugins to provide screens to be integrated in the UI builder and create custom flows. For more info about screens, please refer to the Screen Plugins section.


There are 2 type of hooks capabilities:

  • App loading hooks
  • Screen hook plugins

Both hook types can be implemented for any plugin.

App loading hooks

App loading hooks enable plugins to alter the experience or functionality which occurs during the app loading sequence. You can request the code you are implementing be executed:

  • On application launch (before networking starts)
  • Upon failed application loading
  • When application finished initial loading and is ready to start
  • After home screen is displayed

Screen hook plugins

Hooks enable plugins to add steps before or after certain screens in the flow. These hooks can contain both synchronous and asynchronous steps (like analytics events that don't require waiting for a screen to load, login between screens, geoblock, and other steps that might affect presenting the next screen).

URL scheme handling

Allow plugins to handle certain URL schemes. While a generic launch URL scheme exists for all plugins for presentation, sometimes a custom URL scheme is needed or desired. Each plugin can implement handling URL schemes of a certain type.

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