Error Monitoring plugin - iOS

The iOS Error Monitoring plugin for Zapp is based on ZPCrashlogsBaseProvider implementing the ZPCrashlogsPluginProtocol. The ZPCrashlogsPluginProtocol goes through all of the functions for initializing an error monitoring provider.

Create a new Error Monitoring provider

This chapter describes how to build an error monitoring provider plugin. What kind of preparations are necessary, which protocol methods should be implemented etc.

General Implementation

Before you start, please do the following important steps:

  1. In your cocoapods files, add a dependency to ZappCrashlogsPluginsSDK. This dependency is a mandatory dependency for your error monitoring provider plugin. The dependency is available from the public repository cocoapods source
  2. Create a new class for you plugin adapter that inherits from ZPCrashlogsBaseProvider.
  3. Import ZappCrashlogsPluginsSDK and ZappPlugins
  4. Start the plugin development


  • By inheriting ZPCrashlogsBaseProvider which is a base class for an error monitoring provider protocol you can wrap your error monitoring provider logic and use it inside the Zapp app.
  • ZappCrashlogsPluginsSDK has a dependency to ZappPlugins. This SDK is not mandatory but it gives the developer access to use the Applicaster plugin tools, extensions, helper methods, ZappConnector logic, etc.
  • The ZPCrashlogsBaseProvider class implements the ZPCrashlogsPluginProtocol protocol which is the protocol you should implement in every error monitoring provider plugin.

Protocol description

The below describes the ZPCrashlogsPluginProtocol protocol methods.

Configure Provider

Initialize and register to your monitoring provider provider and call the completion when it done

func func activate(object: NSObject?, completion: ((NSObject?) -> Void)?)

Plist Addition

We give that ability to add key-value parameters to app plist file. You can add new values in the plugin manifest api.plist section.

In the following example we added three parameters to the plist:

"api": {
    "require_startup_execution": false,
    "class_name": "CrashlogClass",
    "modules": [
    "plist": {
      "key": "value",
      "key2": "value2"

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