Part of our tooling relies on rake and Ruby. In order to make sure things run smoothly, we recommend installing rbenv to easily manage ruby versions


  • Ruby 2.3.5 || 2.4.2


  • run brew install rbenv
  • run rbenv init
  • follow the postinstall steps as instructed on the screen, then restart your terminal
  • you can check your install by running curl -fsSL | bash
  • from this point, you can run rbenv install 2.3.5 and rbenv install 2.4.2

As a rule of thumb, most projects will use ruby 2.3.5, except Zapp-iOS which relies on ruby 2.4.2


You will need the bundler Gem to install project dependencies. Simply run gem install bundler Once this is done, you can easily install project dependencies by running bundle install

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