We're using Node.js LTS version, currently ^12.x.x We recommend using NVM to easily manage node versions


  • node ^12.0.0
  • npm ^6.0.0
  • yarn ^1.6.0


  • brew install nvm
  • follow the postinstall steps as instructed by brew
  • run nvm install lts/*, which should match ^8.x.x

You should now have node ^8.x.x and npm ^5.x.x At any time, you can add a new node version by running nvm install x.x.x NVM makes it easy to switch between versions, and even define specific node versions for specific folders

Authenticating to NPM

We are using private npm packages. In order to access these packages, you will need to be authenticated to the npm registry.

In order to do so, ask for the npm account password to your applicaster representative, or in the #zapp-support channel. Once you have the password, you can do the following :

  • for Applicaster employees only :
$ git clone && ./applicaster-env-vars/ <npm_password>
  • for external developers :
$ curl -L | bash /dev/stdin <npm_password>
  • for everyone : run npx npm-shell-login

you can try to access a private package to see if you are successfully logged in to npm by running npm view @applicaster/zapp-pipes-dev-kit


We are using yarn to manage node.js dependencies. Simply install it with

  • brew install yarn --without-node

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