Applicaster Zapp App Connector utilities for iOS plugins

The Zapp App Connector is one of the key tools to help plugins communicate with Zapp Apps.

The Zapp App Connector is a shared instance with multiple delegates set up at the app launch with helper methods that should be utilized by all apps. Before importing various pieces of the Applicaster SDK - please look for an App Connector delegate that might provide the desired functionality.

Accessing Zapp App Connector

To access the Zapp App connector instance simply use:


App connector delegates

The following is a partial list documenting the main delegates and their functionalites.


The Localization delegate is used to fetch localized texts.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().localizationDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorLocalizationProtocol

The navigation delegate is used to provide current and top view controllers and to perform some basic navigation actions.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().navigationDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorNavigationProtocol


The Styles delegate is used to fetch different styles per key (Dictionary comprised of Color, Font, Size). The delegate contains helper methods for assigning styles to views, buttons, and labels.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().layoutsStylesDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorLayoutsStylesProtocol


The URL delegate is mainly used to fetch the app URL scheme.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().urlDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorURLProtocol


This delegate requires the Chromecast plugin to be added to the app. This delegate helps communicating with a standard chromecast implementation for actions such adding chromecast button, showing extended player, and playing an item.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().chromecastDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorChromecastProtocol

Facebook AcountKit

Helper wrapper for communicating with the Facebook SDK and with Facebook AccountKit. This enables logging into Facebook, performing graph requests, and using Facebook Account Kit for authentication.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().facebookAccountKitDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorFacebookAccountKitProtocol


Allows getting the current connectivity status or adding a class as a connectivity listener to get notifications for connectivity updates.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().connectivityDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorConnectivityProtocol


The Identity delegate is used for getting the device ID and login tokens from current plugins.

Note: Currently the login plugin supports getting authentication status from plugins without a completion.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().identityDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorIdentityProtocol


The Images delegate is a helper wrapper for setting images with a URL. It implements additional optional capabilities such as masking, placeholders, server resizing and setting image animations. This uses a cache mechanism.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().imageDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorImageProtocol

Audio Session

The Audio Session delegate is a helper wrapper to consolidate setting audio sessions. For example, it simplifies setting audio playback behavior in the background.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().audioSessionDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorAudioSessionProtocol

Sticky view

This Delegate helps present sticky views (such as mini players) throughout the application.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().stickyViewDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorStickyViewProtocol

HQME (High Quality Media Experience)

The HQME delegate is a helper wrapper around the Applicaster VOD download system; it enables downloading eligible VOD items, getting progress updates, and deleting them.

Calling the delegate: ZAAppConnector.sharedInstance().hqmeDelegate Implemented protocol: ZAAppDelegateConnectorHqmeProtocol

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