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For any question or request, you are welcome to contact us by opening a ticket or by email.

Technical Support Ticket Instructions

When you open a ticket for technical support it's important to feel all the requested ticket fields.

The following details are very important for us to understand the problem:

  • Plugin Type Development
  • Plugin Name
  • Plugin Version
  • Platform
  • Application Name
  • Application Version
  • Test Url

Also, if you encounter an exception, its mandatory to attach a log from the application around the time of the crash. A full log is recommended with logging level at least Error. The Stack trace mustn't be cut down, always provide a full stack trace.

If login is needed, please provide credentials, even if the registration process is free.

Please write the reproduction sequence in the description field:

  • Describe the environment. Is any custom setup required?
  • Provide reproduction steps. Supply screenshots/videos if possible.
  • Describe the observed result.
  • Describe the expected result.
  • Verify, is reproduction stable, i.e. one can get it 100% of tries. Please try to reproduce the bug at least 3 times, including a clean application install.
  • If you are using a non-trivial developer project (custom plugins in source code form locally, and so on), verify that the bug can be reproduced on the version downloaded from Zapp/Github, or provide a zip archive with the entire project where the bug can be reproduced.

Please take the time to describe the problem best. A ticket that will contain all the requested parameters will be handled more quickly. You can also attach files and videos that describe the problem. We do not restrict the number of attached files.

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