Advertisement Plugin - Android


The following document describes Applicaster API for pluggable advertisement

Bellow diagrams show Banner and interstitial loading flow. Blue part is called by SDK green by plugin.











Ad View - implemented on Applicaster SDK

BannerComponent on generic app level implements AdView interface. It contains 3 callback methods:

fun adLoaded(sender: AdViewPresenter, view: View)
fun stateChanged(sender: AdViewPresenter, adViewState: AdViewState)
fun adLoadFailed(sender: AdViewPresenter, exc: Exception)

Method adLoaded is called whenever presenter loads an Ad. As a parameter it takesView and sender which is implementation of AdViewPresenter.

Parameters Type Description
sender AdViewPresenter AdViewPresenter implementation instance - caller
view View AdView returned by advertisement provider
Parameters Type Description
sender AdViewPresenter AdViewPresenter implementation instance - caller
adViewState AdViewState Current state of advert. States are listed below

Method stateChanged is called every time the state is changing. For this plugin we have defined states: Uninitialized - whenever the ad hasn't been initialized yet Loading - whenever ad is loading Loaded - whenever ad has been loaded Impressed - whenever ad has been shown on screen with atleast 50% visibility Failed - whenever ad view has failed to load Clicked - whenever user open the ad Closed - whenever ad view has been loaded


Method adLoadFailed is called whenever presenter failed to load an Ad. As a parameter it has instance ofException.

Parameters Type Description
sender AdViewPresenter AdViewPresenter implementation instance - caller
exc Exception Reason of advertisement failure

Ad View Presenter

AdViewPresenter should be implemented on plugin level. Interface should implement following methods:

fun init(component: AdView)
fun loadAd(adConfig: AdConfig)
fun getSize(withContainer:Boolean): Size
fun getProviderName(): String
fun reloadAdWithSize(adSize: String)
fun showInterstitial()
fun getConfig() : AdConfig

Method init is called whenever presenter is initialised. it creates an intance of Ad Provider views.

fun init(component: AdView)
Parameters Type Description
component AdView Imprementation of AdView interface on Applicaster SDK level

Method loadAd is called whenever ad configuration need to be setup and ad suppose to start loading its content. As a parameter it takes AdConfig which defines everything what Ad view needs to present content.

Parameters Type Description
adConfig AdConfig Configuration of specific advert (size, type, unit id)

Method get advertisement size in dp

Return type Description
com.applicaster.plugins.advertisement.view.Size Return Size class specified below
class Size(var width: Int, var height: Int){
    override fun toString(): String {
        return "(${width}x${height})"

Method reloadAdWithSize is called whenever presenter should reload size of the Ad.

Parameters Type Description
adSize String Key name of ad size eg. "BOX_BANNER", "SMART_BANNER"

Return human name of advertisement provider

Return type Description
String Human name of advertisement provider

Fire show interstitial on presenter class.


Method return advert configuration

Return type Description
AdConfig Return AdConfig class specified below
class AdConfig (var adUnitId : String,
                var component : AdView) {

    var customizedLayout = false


Ad Plugin

AdPlugin interface should be implemented on plugin level to provide single layer of Model-View-Presenter. So for every single Model(AdConfig) and View there should exist Presenter. Class implemets 2 methods:

fun createAd(context: Context, component: AdView): AdViewPresenter
fun setPluginModel(Plugin plugin)

Method createAd is called whenever plugin need to crete presenter for add and initialize it

Parameters Type Description
context Context Context in which advert will be presented
component AdView Imprementation of AdView inderface
Return type Description
AdViewPresenter Return instance of AdViewPresenter

Method setPluginModel is called from inherited interface GenericPlugin and provides configuration of the plugin - not used in this implementation.

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