In this section, you will find information about the required tools and concepts to create a new provider

Tools & Environment


To create and test a new provider, you will need node.js v8.0.0 or later, and npm v5 or later.

ECMAScript version

While Zapp-pipes requires a recent version of node.js, the provider code needs to be transpiled in ES5 compatible javascript code. Hence, it is required to either write ES5 compliant code, or transpile ES6/7 code to ES5 using a transpiler like babel.js.

npm modules

Providers are distributed as npm modules. You can either create a publicly available package, or ask Applicaster team to provide an NPM token and have a private module. if you decide to do so, your npm package name must be prefixed with @applicaster/zapp-pipes-provider-

See here to learn more about creating an npm package. You can also access starter code here

In order to create a private package, you need to ask an NPM token to your applicaster representative. You also need to add a .npmrc file to your project to use this NPM token and enable access to applicaster private packages

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